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If you want to have a look at actual screenshots of the Game
(with Stage set to minumum size) please Click on Snaps above!

What is Sex Action 2.2 ?

This astonishing hot sex game, based on a new interactivity concept, allows you to execute around 280 different sexual actions and reactions inspired to the real movements and gestures you have usually to perform during your love encounters and more. The game starts with an entire section dedicated to the model undressing, that will precede the sexual action itself. Your virtual hands and dick, that you can easily control with your mouse and keyboard, will allow you to take off the woman stokings, to convince Her to lie, and then to make love with Her. The game requires finesse to carefully remove all the woman's clothing and lingeries, to caress all the naked body parts of the model, to finger and fuck Her for bringing Her to Climax. Sex Action is double sound tracked and fully moaning, while an interactive Model speach balloon allows you to follow the Model reactions and requests even if you need to keep her silent. Furthermore, it has a very accurate dresses and body drawing. During this amazing playing, the Model is able to walk, move her arms, legs, hands and feet; to kiss, laught, yawn, blink, smile, lick, approve, disapprove, come, enjoy and so on. In addition, for adding worth and suspense to the game, you will be able to set the controls in such a way to obtain the effective response of your sexual acts, as if you were in real life. In fact, it will not be absolutely sure that you will be a perfect lover, and the quality of your performance will be immediately reflected by the model and by the behaviour of your cock . Model compliance, reciprocal feeling, mood, meeting time. These ones are all user adjustable levels of difficulty allowing for a greater degree of challenge. Even comes with a field that shows the percentage of interactive actions you have been able to perform and with a "Boss" button that quickly switches to a fake file manager screen when your boss checks up on you. Once you start the program, you will be able to play the demo by clicking on "Play". This will give you a taste of the actual game. Following the "Demo" button you will see some registered game screen shots, and the "Instructions and Setting" screen will explain to you the most you need to know for a cool gaming.

Notice: Unlike the Sex Master and Extras ones (and you can evaluate it in the "Demo" mode too, during the unbuttoning procedure), the Sex Action Game has a hard degree of challenge and requires skilled (and patient) players, especially with Compliance < 90. Hence, if you guess to be not so clever to pay the exhausting court the Model demands, please don't register the SA game. (Next release will have some facilities and shortcuts, but now that is.)

For informations on how to operate the game, constantly updated support and further informations about the Sex Action Game, remember to frequently read the Sex Action FAQ coming with the software, its updated version online and the Sex Action Bugs page. Do not overlook them!

How do I buy it?

The price for the registration Password is $ 19.95 US$. In short (detailed instructions here below), you will need to FREELY download the software and uncompress it using the WinZip utility for PC or Stuffit Expander for Macintosh. In order to play the game completely, you must register the Software by obtaining a password. First, note the 8 digits (02xxxxxx) userCode indicated on the blue field of the introductory screen of the Sex Action game (see where).

To get the password, once you have written down the 8 digits userCode, click on the "Password Purchasing Instructions" link below. It will bring you to a page with the Game Password Form and a link to the CC Secure Server. As soon as you obtain the proof of your payment (a 7 digits Redempt Num or a userID/userPASS Pair or a Telephon Pin Num) from the Secure Server , enter it into the Password Form together your userCode and you will then receive the Sex Action Password to enter in the introductory screen of the Game. You will not need to dowload it again, because the Game will then be fully functional immediately.

  • Freely download the Sex Action 2.2 Game first...
  • Min Requirements: Thousands of Color monitor; 64 Mb Ram/32 Mb on HD. Sound card recommended.
    Windows: 98, Pentium II, 64Mb ram - 2000/Me/NT, Pentium III, 64Mb ram - Xp/Vista/Sys7, Pentium III, 128 Mb ram.
    Macintosh: 8.6/9.2, G3, 64 Mb ram - 10.1.5/10.2.6/10.3.9, G4, 128 Mb ram

    Downloading Servers

  • Decompress the Sex Action Game, evaluate it......
  • Important: the Sex Action Game will not install any files in any directories of your PC but its one. Once you wish to uninstall the Sex Action Game, simply delete the whole Sex Action dir.

    To extract Sex Action for Windows, simply double click the "" file and follow WinZip instructions (create a new dir if necessary). To extract Sex Action for Macintosh, if double clicking wont work, drag the "sexact22.hqx" file onto your Stuffit Expander icon instead (classic) or right click and choose to open it with the Stuffit Expander option (OSX).
    Remember that all Sex Action files must reside in the same directory with no other extra files.
    Once you run the program, you will see an introductory screen with the userCode -it's always a 8 digits number beginning with 02- (see where). Make a note of it.

    For any kind of problems with Unregistered Version of the Game (No Sounds, Error messages or the like), first of all please read each Game recent FAQ and techtips page online, because Registering the Game will not have them fixed.

    ...... and get your Instant Password online!

    Following link will not bring you to the secure servers yet, but to a web page with easy instructions on how to purchase a Ticket via a CC Secure Server and how to use it for filling the Game Password Form online in such a way to instantly obtain the Password for the Sex Game you decided to register:


    Please be sure you have the Sex Action 2.2 version running on your computer before continuing, otherwise the password you obtain here will not work. Version is clearly indicated in the introductory screen of the SA Game.

    If the password you will receive doesn't unlock the Sex Action game, please read carefully the Recent SA FAQ online and the Registering Tips Page. Trust us: 99.9% of your questions are usually fixed by hints listed there. If you do not receive the Sex Action password via Web page, immediately after submitting payment and Game Password Registration Form, there may have been a Server problem. If this is the case or the FAQ don't help you enough, please Email VRAGames Support . You'll be contacted within a day. Please always include your Proof of Purchase, Sex Action userCode in your email and be as more detailed as possible.